Saturday, November 12, 2022

Riverside Reflection: An NFT Artwork

Unquestionably my most technically challenging artistic project, I have been working with Chinese Canadian 3D pixel (voxel) artist and engineer BKVoxel since February of this year to combine our love for traditional Chinese architecture and music with the most modern of artforms.

We worked together step-by-step on the same vision, creating the music and art to complement each other and I drew upon my experience living in what was formerly known as Manchuria, I have also taken inspiration from video games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact to combine traditional Chinese instrumentation with modern production techniques and sounds

The result is 3 distinct compositions that play seamlessly with BKVoxel's amazing diorama of Chinese village life across your real-life daytime, sunset, or night-time - no matter where on the world you may be.

Out now on what is probably the most exclusive crypto-art auction house SuperRare, this 24 hour dynamic artwork has been minted as an NFT with a reserve price of 2 Ethereum but can be enjoyed by everyone for free at:

DAY (06:00 - 13:59)
The little robot is fishing while waiting for his friend. Running water flowing through the village evokes sunshine and a gentle breeze. As a wind instrument, the "dizi" or bamboo flute carries the lazy tune that floats through the air.

SUNSET (14:00 - 19:59)
As the moon begins to come around, villagers return home from work; children come out to play and kitchens get busy preparing for the night's festivities. Our little robot meets his friend by the bridge. The music in turn becomes livelier, with gentle percussion and a deep, drone bassline complementing those traditional sounds from earlier in the day.

NIGHT (20:00 - 05:59)
With the last of the sunlight gone, the soundtrack goes nearly all electronic with rich, retrowave sounds that wouldn't be out of place in an imagined future from 1980's Tokyo. Analogue synthesizers, airy reverb, and bubbling basslines that make it difficult to know whether you are in the moment or merely dreaming. In the echo of inspiring music, the little robot and his friend enjoy the night together.