Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Release: TRIBAL CLOUDS [March 21]

Dropping March 21 (US time) on Beatport is my latest single TRIBAL CLOUDS for the deepest breaks label on the planet; Deep Garnet Records. My previous efforts for the label include my first ever signed single, The Ghost Music as well as a remix I did for Rikki's Back Twang.

Tribal Clouds didn't really take me very long to produce compared to some of my other tracks as I already had in mind I wanted to make a deeper track for Deep Garnet being one year since the release of The Ghost Music. I played around with some tribal sounding drums, added some atmosphere and bass and it all sort of came together nicely.

What did blow me away though was the remix by my good mate Spinnet. He reinterpreted my track adding a super-cool, bassline groove that will destroy any dancefloor.

Previews are coming soon together with a fiction piece written by the label. In the meantime, here is the official artwork: