Wednesday, September 28, 2022

OzAsia 2022

Aaron Duff will be performing November 3 at OzAsia Festival
Last year I performed a dj set on the opening night of OzAsia Festival's Lucky Dumpling Market. It was an incredible night with coloured lanterns strung up by Adelaide's River Torrens and maybe a thousand people sampling Asian street foods on the grassy hills of Elder Park. The weather was perfect, Adelaide Oval was lit up and I played some of my favourite tracks with many being my own productions through the sunset in what was a beautifully lazy evening.

So I'm super excited to share I'll be back for OzAsia 2022!

I'm busy preparing for another 2 hour set from 7:30pm on Thursday, November 3. It will feature some of my own unreleased music from the Chinese Electronic Music Project as well as other artists I've discovered that like me, also combine traditional Asian instrumentation with electronic beats and sounds.

It's totally free admission, but I would love to hear in advance if you are planning to be there - just send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook @chineseelectronicmusic

To get you in the mood, I've included a recording of last year's live set as well as the official write up:

Aaron Duff, DJ / Producer of the Chinese Electronic Music Project
There's a place in North Asia where the Manchu, Han, Korean, Japanese and Mongolian cultures have intersected with each other over many centuries and created a rich, cultural legacy.

Known to the west as Manchuria, this is also the adopted homeland of Aaron Duff, DJ and producer of the Chinese Electronic Music Project who having returned to Australia, remains immersed in the language, culture and music of the Manchurian peninsula.

Aaron has pioneered new music forms using classical, wooden instruments such as the erhu and guzheng, fusing together their incomparable sounds with the rainbow lights, beeps and beats of synthesizers and drum machines - something championed by very few in Australia or indeed the world. The same goes for Aaron's guest DJ sets for radio stations and podcasts around the world; where he shares his treasures found on the English and Chinese speaking webs for future bass and beats with a traditional Asian flair.