Friday, December 23, 2022

2022: Year in Review

Where do I start?

Another massive year for me professionally with some big gigs including OzAsia, AnimeGo and Asia Oasis introducing thousands of Adelaideans to my music and other cutting edge Asian electronic sounds.

This year, I also produced a few songs with most of them unreleased for now. I'm thinking I may put up an album's worth of material on my Bandcamp around Chinese New Year. 

I of course also worked with Chinese Canadian 3D pixel artist bkvoxel on my very first NFT now up on probably the most exclusive NFT gallery in SuperRare. It was a huge creative challenge, ensuring that the soundtrack I composed was able to seamlessly and dynamically change according to the users timezone.

Another highlight was giving a guest mix for one of the world's favourite Asian lofi masters in Elijah Nang and his East Asian Fusion Radio show. It was a lot more laidback than my usual sound and I had fun recording it live in my home studio - I even filmed it and you can listen below:

So what is in store for 2023?

Aside from my album release, I'm looking forward to play at Adelaide Chinatown's Chinese New Year Street Party on January 28.

I'm also beginning to do some work with some inspiring up-and-coming young artists for a very ambitious project and I can't wait to share more about this project soon.

Have a great holiday season and amazing 2023!!