Sunday, December 18, 2016

2016 in review

It's time again for my year in review. Just like 2015 and 2014, I have had an interesting year with a number of highs. Highlights include:
  • Releasing <Blueprints>. A sci-fi trip made with my good buddies One Arc Degree. We love everything about it - the artwork, the story and of course the music. All 4 tracks are still available for a free download.
  • Releasing <Power Surge / The World Needs You>. These are 2 of my favourtie tracks I have made so far and I thank Box Set Records from Perth for asking me to release on their label. What was even more amazing was for the release to chart at #14 on the Beatport Breaks Releases chart.
  • Releasing <Tribal Clouds> and having my buddy Spinnet just blow me away in improving the track in his remix.
  • Having my tracks played on radio shows around the world. Seeing my name on one of Retroid's tracklistings was also massive for me as I have been listening to his shows since around 2008.
  • Playing live in September for Sidechain. I really enjoyed hearing my tunes on such a great sound system.
What is coming in 2017?

Well I have a remix for an Adelaide band which is planned for an early 2017 release and everything else aside I am working hard on my first artist album. I have written but not completed around 7 tracks worth at the moment with genres ranging from the A-DUFF breaks sound to progressive house, to trap, to even some jazzy notes. It is a huge project for me and I am working hard to finish it to a high standard.

Please keep supporting this expensive and time-consuming hobby of mine by buying my records, sharing my facebook posts and adding my name to your Spotify playlists etc.

Much love from Adelaide!

Aaron (A-DUFF)