Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Working with Jesustronic

Over the past year or so I have been able to build up a good relationship with a Christian EDM promotion group called Jesustronic. They are based in South America and have a focus on the Spanish-speaking world and so it has been interesting to see my music be shared and fanbase start to grow in exotic places like Guatemala and Columbia etc.

Jesustronic have been very good in promoting my One-Life album and music videos, but recently they asked me to do a 30 minute guest mix.

After DJ'ing many years ago, it took a while to raise my courage for a live mix - and I had to learn the new style of decks (not CDJ's anymore!) using my newly purchased Traktor S8.

You can watch me mixing live at:
or listen to the audio only here

Keep an ear out for some more interesting content that I'm doing with Jesustronic - hopefully I can share it very soon!