Tuesday, May 19, 2020

One Life: Anniversary Edition

On the 12 month anniversary of the release of my debut album One Life, I am pleased to share the definitive edition of the album to include new extended release tracks, b-sides, the 3 official music videos and the Native Instrument Stems files of 10 album tracks for DJ's using Traktor - and all for a new lower price of $10 Australian (around US$5).

This time, around, the album will be digitally released on Beatport as well as iTunes, Amazon etc. on June 23, but to pre-order and download all the extra goodies, please head to my Bandcamp site: a-duff.bandcamp.com/album/one-life-anniversary-edition

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Louder than the Music:
"A brilliant EDM record"

Indie Vision Music: 
"Reminds me of playing SSX3 on the PS2"

CCM Magazine: 
"Plenty of gritty break-beats and glitchy break-downs"