Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 in Review

It has already been one year since I wrote my 2014 year in review and what a lot has happened!

Highlights include:

  • Releasing 'The Ghost Music' and doing a remix for Rikki's 'Back Twang' for Deep Garnet Records.
  • Self releasing 'Bass, Synth, Arpeggio' and hearing it on Fresh FM a couple of times.
  • Playing live as part of Sidechain in June. That was a massive undertaking learning how to perform and thanks to everyone who showed up.
  • Releasing 'Lucidity' on Religion Breaks Records with remixes by heavyweights Jayson Butera and Alter Form AND CHARTING AT #14 ON BEATPORT!!!
  • Having my tunes played on international radio shows by DJ's such as Dave Gluskin (Digitally Imported) and Jayson Butera (Beyond Boundaries).
  • Getting a killer new look with a brand, spanking new logo, design and website refresh from Kempen Design as well as plenty of promotional photos courtesy Flavia Maria Photography.

2016 already looks like a huge year coming up with some killer tunes itching to be released and  collaborations with some very cool artists in the works.

If you want to follow my ride then please hook up to my facebook and soundcloud pages. Also don't forget you can still download Bass, Synth, Arpeggio for free: 

Thanks for all your support and remember: don't break sweat, break beats!