Thursday, June 25, 2015

New single 'LUCIDITY' signed.

A big thanks to Religion Breaks Records for signing my upcoming single 'Lucidity' to their label.

The label is home to some pretty respected breaks producers I love listening to including:
Rick Tedesco (US) who mastered my last self released free download track 'Bass, Synth, Arpeggio'
- Jayson Butera (US) who worked tirelessly on my behalf getting this signed and who has a couple of radio shows, some epic tunes and a global fanbase in the thousands. Thanks mate!
- Alter Form (Russia) who is the label owner and had a number of Beatport Breaks Top 100 tracks and releases.

I am fortunate in that both Jayson and Alter Form shall be remixing 'Lucidity' and having such industry heavyweights behind the release makes me really excited by the new sounds they will inject through their remixes as well as chart potential.

'Lucidity' was conceived around December 2014 when I decided to record my voice, vocode it and chop it up, combining it with a really nice detuned synth chord courtesy of a Jody Wisternoff sample pack.

It was originally going to be a chill-out track and maybe one day in the future after I clean up an 80% finished chilled version I may let people listen to it, but after adding a nice little piano solo, I had to get the feeling of how it all went with a deep bassline and breakbeat.

The rest pretty much wrote itself after I re-figured the track into a new key in D# instead of the original B (from memory).

For those of you who went to my gig at The Producers Bar the other week, you would have got a taste of the track - it was the one I opened with.

Hopefully it will be ready for release in August 2015 and I can share a clip or 2 then.

Break(s) out!