Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fresh FM Radio Spot + Hot New Track

Yesterday I had the fortune to be invited by Adelaide's electronic music station Fresh FM as a guest for their 'Open Air' show.

I had a really good time talking to the host DT and producer Tom about keeping it local and supporting Adelaide electronic music.

As well as interviewing me on all sorts of topics, I was proud for them to play a 'world premiere' of my newest track, "Bass, Synth, Arpeggio...". Today I have uploaded the track and it is available for a free download below:

3 tracks in total were played an they were:

A-DUFF vs Quench: Broken Dreams (also a free download on my soundcloud).
A-DUFF: Bass, Synth, Arpeggio...
RIKKI: Back Twang (A-DUFF remix)

I hope you all enjoyed the show and thanks to Fresh FM again for all their support!