Friday, February 20, 2015

New Remix 'Back Twang' by RIKKI


Following on from my release, 'The Ghost Music' with Deep Garnet Records, I was asked to do a remix for Scottish producer Rikki with the following brief;

"I want something darkish and deep....I don't care about the dancefloor. I want some quality Deep-Breaks stuff"

With an upcoming trip to China away from my studio and just one unofficial remix under my belt, I had less than a month to find the time to put this together. My remix has some cool sound effects, a rambling deep bass line and a nice little arpeggio hooking it all together. I am very happy with how it turned out - and so is Rikki by all accounts. Thanks for the kind words Rikki!

RIKKI: 'Back Twang' will be released on Beatport on March 2.


CAT. No: DGR021
GENRE: Deep-Breaks
COVER DESIGN: 2.46 Design
MASTERED: By Scapo @Dirty Drop Studios

DEEP GARNET RECORDS is the new quality V.I.M.RECORDS sub-label specialized on Deep-Breaks sound. Highly influenced by the deeper end of Breaks the label will be focused on deep n’ darkish Tech and Acid breaks, by some of the most promising international producers, for radio airplay, home listening and early hours dj sets.

“ATTENTION, Inner-Flight ship! Attention! You are ordered to land at the Control Station on Deimos for inspection. Attention! You are to land at once!" The metallic rasp of the speaker echoed through the corridors of the great ship. The passengers glanced at each other uneasily, murmuring and peering out the port windows at the small speck below, the dot of rock that was the Martian checkpoint, Deimos.

"What's up?" an anxious passenger asked one of the pilots, hurrying through the ship to check the escape lock."We have to land. Keep seated." The pilot went on. "Land? But why?" They all looked at each other. Hovering above the bulging Inner-Flight ship were three slender Martian pursuit craft, poised and alert for any emergency. As the Inner-Flight ship prepared to land the pursuit ships dropped lower, carefully maintaining themselves a short distance away. "There's something going on," a woman passenger said nervously. "Lord, I thought we were finally through with those Martians. Now what?"

RIKKI “Back Twang”
RIKKI “Back Twang (A-DUFF remix)”                                      

Monday, February 9, 2015

Promo Pictures

A couple of weeks back I was fortunate enough to have some promotional shots done in Adelaide city.

Shot by the wonderful Flavia of Flavia Maria Photography, I had a great night posing like a tool and working the camera angles.

It takes a professional and much editing to make me look good - see for yourself how they turned out on my promo gallery page. All but one of the photos on that page were shot by Flavia and much thanks goes to her for her commitment and great shots.