Monday, January 26, 2015

'The Ghost Music' is now released!

Well my first signed single is now released and available for purchase from Beatport: After mastering by both my track and the mind-blowing remix by One Arc Degree sound better than I thought they could - especially on my brand new speakers!

You can check out a preview on my soundcloud.

Deep Garnet Records have done a great job with promotions and here is their media release below:

CAT. No: DGR020
GENRE: Deep-Breaks
COVER DESIGN: 2.46 Design
MASTERED: By Scapo @Dirty Drop Studios

DEEP GARNET RECORDS is the new quality V.I.M.RECORDS sub-label specialized on Deep-Breaks
sound. Highly influenced by the deeper end of Breaks the label will be focused on deep n’ darkish Tech and
Acid breaks, by some of the most promising international producers, for radio airplay, home listening and
early hours dj sets.

The woods were artificial. Some kind of park. But the park was wild and overgrown. A dense jungle of twisted plants. Everything growing in confusion. The park was empty. No one was there. By the position of the sun he could tell it was either early morning or late afternoon. The smell of the flowers and grass, the dampness of the leaves, indicated morning. It had been late afternoon when the tornado had picked him up. And the sky had been overcast and cloudy. Cole considered. Clearly, he had been carried a long way. The hospital, the men with white faces, the odd lighting, the accented words he had caught—everything indicated he was no longer in Nebraska—maybe not even in the United States.

Some of his tools had fallen out and gotten lost along the way. Cole collected everything that remained, sorting them, running his fingers over each tool with affection. Some of the little chisels and wood gouges were gone. The bit box had opened, and most of the smaller bits had been lost. He gathered up those that remained and replaced them tenderly in the box. He took a key-hole saw down, and with an oil rag wiped it carefully and replaced it.

A-DUFF “The Ghost Music”
A-DUFF “The Ghost Music (ONE ARC DEGREE remix)”

Available January 19 from selected major online retailers.

How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes
Vafopoulou 7, 54646, Thessaloniki, Greece

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

Here is a status update of how things have been progressing since I began this project.

1. My single has been remixed and will be ready for release on Deep Garnet Records in mid-late January.

2. I have been asked to do a remix of another of the label's to be released tracks and that is nearly complete. The original isn't really what I would go out of my way to listen to, but I was asked to do a deep, dark and non-dancefloor orientated remix. I saw it as a huge challenge. Especially considering I have only ever done one other remix before - a-duff vs quench: broken dreams 2014 - something I was itching to get my teeth into ever since I first got my Maschine Studio.

3. My soundcloud account now has 28 followers and has had 435 listens.

4. I have updated my studio with a set of Pioneer S-DJ50X speakers. I can't wait to have a listen and I'm sure it will be a welcome addition to use these monitors instead of my beautiful and trusty Audio-Technica ATH-M50x which I was pleasantly surprised to find probably my favourite Australian DJ/Producer ever in Jaytech also uses them!

What are my plans in 2015?

I have some promising non-breaks projects I would like to get out as well as a couple more 8-bit inspired tech-breaks goodness. A lot depends on my upcoming releases with Deep Garnett Records. Hopefully I can crack 100 soundcloud followers in 2015 and get some of my tracks played by some cool dj's in their sets and some local radio airplay to boot!

Signing out,